Бенедикт Камбербэтч снова стал отцом
The wife of “Sherlock Holmes” made him happy with a second child.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie hunter


As it became known, Sophie
Hunter, the wife of the star of the series “Sherlock” — Benedict Cumberbatch — bore
actor is the second child. Reported
the wife blessed Benedict, another son. According to the informant
the online edition of “The Sun”,
on the website which appeared this message, the couple named his son Hal. He became
the younger brother of the first son of actor — Christopher, born less than two years

According to the publication, although the child
came to light about three weeks ago, the actor somehow managed to hide this
the fact from outsiders until today. Who exactly made “leakage of information”
not reported. But it became known that Sofia gave birth at London’s Portland Hospital, in the Department for
those who can afford to pay a considerable sum for childbirth. After one night
stay here costs to parents of newborns in 1200 pounds.

As reported Sophie and Benedict who were married in February of 2015 year
perfectly happy. Because as stated by the actor shortly after birth
his eldest son, he cherished the dream of becoming the father of many children. “I feel that
can, ready and willing to get a whole Horde of sons!” — announced actor. To
fortunately for Benedict, his wife is not going to stop at one

Despite the fact that Cumberbatch
highly in demand as an actor on both sides of the ocean, since, as
was born his eldest son, he considers himself first and foremost a family man.
“I don’t feel like a big Hollywood star. And it’s not just
I and my wife most of all love spending time at home. I have a family
and friends who knew me back in the time when I was not famous. And they
remind me who I really am!” — said Cumberbatch.