Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya is on the brink of divorce

Евгения Добровольская оказалась на грани развода
The actress was disappointed in his third marriage.

Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya husband does Manannikova and daughter Anastasia

Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya openly talked about the problems in the relationship with her husband, cameraman Vladimir Manannikova who is younger than her 10 years. The actress admits: joint life with spouse for her was hard. The fact is that between the artist and the father of her fourth child, daughter Anastasia is completely gone understanding.

Scandals in the house of 52-year-old Dobrovolskaya started after the artist decided to radically lose weight. In order to say goodbye to extra pounds it dramatically changed the food culture. From the refrigerator in her house disappeared all harmful products than the husband remained dissatisfied. “When I looked in the mirror, and I didn’t like what I see, I decide to engage them. Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya I was ready for anything of renunciation, even from alcohol, cereals, everything, all, and quietly done it, says the actress. – I was very happy when he lost, very.”

The truth here is Dmitry, not accustomed to eat some vegetables, was dissatisfied with this turn of events. “We had the scandal in the family, because “closed” refrigerator. Ceased to be in the house the wrong food. I began to feed as it should. Came to divorce. No chocolates, pizza and everything else. Well? This is a disaster in the family! — ironically Eugene. Have two refrigerator? All unhappy get out! He eats as he wants! He can’t cook, so let him mom’s cooking! In this case it is necessary to be a good egoist. When you begin to follow the man’s stomach and get through to him — you lose yourself! They went away!”

Eugene does not yet officially filed for divorce and Manannikova, but it is obvious that the couple is in a serious crisis. Dobrovolskaya seriously disappointed in relationships with men. “I’m against family. I am against stranger men that came and sits beside you. Unless he moved you to the castle, then I do not understand why all this is necessary!” — quotes Dobrovolskaya, “You wouldn’t believe.”