Виктор Дробыш возвращается в «Фабрику звезд»
The producer is not the first time participating in the iconic project.

Victor Drobysh

Photos: MUZ-TV

It became known the name of the producer of the “New idol” that is
will be aired on the TV channel “MUZ-TV” this fall. They became Victor Drobysh, which
was already in his time and a mentor of the project, and co-produced. He opened such
artists as Dmitry Koldun, Zara, Sogdiana, Alexey khvorostyan, Prokhor Chaliapin and the group “Chelsea”.

Fifteen years later the cult TV show “star Factory”
will get a new
life on the new channel. The audience of “MUZ-TV” will be able to watch concerts
manufacturers and observe their life in the “star house”. And support
votes your favorites, along with them to relive difficult moments and rejoice
first success on a musical Olympus.

Participation in the new season of the legendary reality will be the fourth
on account of the Drobysh. In 2004, he acted as co-producer of the fourth “Factory
stars”, in 2006 he became the music producer for the sixth season
of the project, and in 2011 was one of the producers of “Fabrika zvezd – 8.

“Factory of Stars” is the strongest musical project, the existing
in Russia. Pass this event I can’t, because the return of the show is
the biggest upcoming event in the music world. In different years this legendary
the TV show has launched such artists as Phil Collins, Polina Gagarina, Zara,
Timati and many others. I hope that the “New star factory” will give our country
new artists with a capital letter and will open up the big names”.