Полина Гагарина показала идеальную фигуру в купальнике
The singer flew to the Mediterranean sea.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: Instagram Polina Gagarina

After the birth of her daughter MIA Polina Gagarina so quickly
went back to work and got into shape, that’s amazing. In late July baby
will be executed only three months, and the singer had so much already to do. Pauline
presented a new hit “No More Drama”, performed at the Confederations Cup, starred
in the video “Team 2018” Egor Creed and Dj Smash.

And, finally, Gagarina has the opportunity to go
to the sea, to Turkey. The singer opened the beach season and demonstrated perfect
figure. Gagarin admitted that after the birth of her daughter she purposefully kept
a strict diet, heavily involved in sports and lost a week for a few

The fact that having her first child — son
Andrew, Pauline very much recovered and then could not cope with
excess weight. The memories were so vivid that, once again
in an interesting position, she was afraid to step on the scales to see there
awesome numbers. “During the pregnancy I gained a lot! How much? I don’t know
as have not weighed since January! Why? I was afraid of. Was afraid that will see
the same figure as in my first pregnancy, and it was significant…” —
told Pauline about their fears after the birth of MIA.