Александр Петров и Ирина Старшенбаум снова снялись вместе в кино
In 2018 will be a Grand film with the participation of artists.

Irina Starshenbaum and Alexander Petrov

Photo: Mars Media

Starshenbaum and Alexander Petrov, formed the brilliant acting Duo in the film Fyodor
Bondarchuk’s “Gravity”, preparing for the premiere of new movie “T-34”, which
they also starred together.

“T-34” started on 23 February and lasted 61 shift. Some of them were
in Moscow, Kaluga and Moscow regions, and a part of the Czech Republic, Prague,
The Loket castle, the Rudolfinum and Terezin. A picture was built more than 25 large-scale
decorations, among which the Russian village, pow camp, German
ground, railway station. In the film, attended 5
military historical consultants.

“T-34” is our
the largest project over the past five years, says General producer
“Mars Media” Ruben Dishdishyan. Alexey Sidorov we shot together for five
movies, and I consider it one of the most talented Directors and writers in
the country. Our task is to make a picture as a dynamic,
modern, oriented to different audiences, that it turned out
spectacular — for young people, accustomed to see the best of Hollywood genre
examples, and at the same time with a deep exciting story, characters — for
people of the older generation. I think “T-34″ has everything to become
a film-event.”