Review of the film “300: rise of an Empire” / “300: Rise of an Empire” (2013)

Рецензия на фильм «300 спартанцев: Расцвет империи» / «300: Rise of an Empire» (2013)

I remember when the first series of “three Hundred” — it was crazy cool. Fantastically beautiful picture, incredible plans that I wanted to print and hang on the wall, kinky (though has no relation to historical truth) finds like fighting rhinos and other things. Plus, of course, king Leonidas performed by Gerard Butler was wonderful charismatic and cool.
Since then eight years have passed. “Komiksovoy” personnel today, a surprise to no one. Only one of the ancient themes in this style had three or four seasons of “Spartacus” to remove.

But Hollywood producers needed a sequel: It’s actually, according to experts, the main problem of the contemporary American film industry: no one has the courage to undertake the production of something new. All (or almost all) that starts shooting today in America — or the sequels (and prequels and other spinoff) or remakes of old Hollywood and European films, or comic book movies. To watch movies shot on comics over the past few years can be on Nanocone.
Word from Zack Snyder demanded continuation of a Banquet and he wrote it. The “rise of an Empire” takes place before, during and after the heroic battle of Leonidas at Thermopylae — the only one that when watching a film starts, a serious complication. Personally, I did not understand who, when and how many times ravaged Athens. As I did not understand and the meaning of their appearance in the story of the hunchback from the first series, and a giant underwater reptiles, devouring sea-dumped the Athenians, and even about “boys Oh boys” such as carefully and thoughtfully charged, but — alas — not shot “guns” (or bows).
I’m not talking about these absolutely wild stocks as cheerful Lepetane reverse rowing (sic!) the trireme at a speed of approximately 50 knots — not less. Through the skerries. In the impenetrable fog. . Yes… Not every Porsche on good asphalt reversing could step on the gas, and a bunch of wood in the sea — please. In General the failure, and only, and even the Tits of the protagonist — the former bond girl Eva green couldn’t save. Boring…