Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами» The former participant of “House-2” told in an interview with “StarHit” about how to live after leaving the project. Victoria romanet for a long time and built relationships with Andrei Cherkasov, however, before the wedding, it never came. The beauty took to draft another man.

      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»

      One of the brightest participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Victoria romanet not so long ago decided to leave the project. The girl came Alexander Linden and took beauty with you. But then it turned out that the man is the beloved. Victoria said “StarHit” that actually bound them, and told about what is happening in her personal life.

      Many fans were upset when you left the “House-2”. Why did you decide to leave the project?
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»I don’t know why my supporters are upset, on the contrary, should rejoice. People who are on the project, I believe, do not develop. I decided to move on. I think that for me, girls are attractive and intelligent, will find what to do outside of the project. I see blame those who sit for six or seven years. Everyone has his time on the project. I wanted to leave at the end of January. But then was offered to star in the clip, then I broke my leg and stayed on. It seems to me that the “House-2” should be so: come, built relationships, if not work, what to sit on. I did just that. Quickly Packed our bags and moved on. I’ve been on the project a year and seven months. —
      You effectively left the “House-2” – you took Alexander Linden, and all of a sudden his alleged girlfriend says that he was not with you in the relationship. What really happened?
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»Me with Alexander introduced Nastya Kushina after my breakup with Andrew. We became friends, he supported me, said that I have a great opportunity to move on. One day I called him and asked to take with the project. He said: “Right now?” “No, tomorrow,” I replied. He did a lot for me in the sense that it gave the correct direction. But most importantly, we have extremely friendly relations. He has a girlfriend, they have a crazy affair, with it we are familiar with. So we haven’t lied to anyone. We had no love, just a partnership.
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»
      That is now your heart is free?
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»I have my personal life now not advertise. I will say one thing – in my personal life all of it was very good. But I realized one rule – happiness loves silence. Try to limit loved ones from strangers, and many are beginning to look for something I have in social networks, to write too much. Lime had to close the page, they went to his address… Yes, there were compliments, and in most cases, but it’s extraneous writing. You do not want to subject a loved a person attack. I even had to unsubscribe from some of my friends, classmates to be left alone. I got used to it, I don’t care, I have my own concepts about life. The opinion of stranger to not affect me. —
      Maybe too close of attention you failed to build a relationship with Andrey Cherkasov?
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»No, not because of it. When you go to draft, you start to soberly assess the situation. I came to the project when I wanted to return the former young person football player. Yes, ex-boyfriend showed up, but I already came in the spirit. On the program I do not think about much – we all provide. You appreciate the inner qualities of a person. In Andrew I have found kindness, care, tenderness, affection – just what I needed. But outside of the project these qualities go by the wayside. The main thing is the material base, people have to stand on his feet. I just realized that Andrew is not worth of my experiences. I know what opportunities I have outside the perimeter.
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»
      You are now chatting with Andrey Cherkasov? Support any relationship?
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»We have no common topics. I even the dog left him, even though I said it was a gift from them. In fact it is not. For me it was a shame that my boyfriend can’t buy a dog for 60 thousand rubles. Recently saw he was talking to his new girl: “Here you are in Paris, and I was.” I so wanted to add: “at my expense!”. —
      What do you think about his new beloved Stella? As you see, they will be able to start a family or to build some kind of relationship?
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»I’m glad Cherkasov found the girl easier. She’s pretty, less showing off, more likeable. I wish them happiness, good luck, they have a similar profession, there will be misunderstandings. They will be able to build strong relationships. Moreover, no harm in trying.
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»
      Now you feel about Cherkasov? Think about it, remember the happy moments that together? Would like to bring back?
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»I believe that all is for the best. I don’t miss him. My friends say I don’t learn from their mistakes, give myself to men completely, spending money, arranging romance. I meet a young man in a limousine from the airport, rent a restaurants on the top floors of skyscrapers. And in a relationship with Andrew, I’m kidding, I only learned how to fight!
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»
      Maybe in a relationship with Andrew, you understand what qualities in men you like and what not? What is your ideal man?
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»Yes, in a relationship with Andrew, I realized that if the mother is too overbearing, nothing happens. Of course, parents need to love, but to make my own decisions. And Andrew demanded special attention to his mother. She was against me configured. When we wanted to get married with Andrew, she told that we will not be able to live on 60 thousand, the wedding had to be postponed. The project was euphoric, and now – real life. I understand that my man should be purposeful, strong, financially secure. I have no supernatural claims, are not looking for millionaires. Men should be flat, to which he himself made, the machine is not worse than me. Want to see the man better then my attitude changes. Sometimes women agree to the janitor, the mechanic, for example. But it’s not my story. I know what I deserve. Andrew always lost in many respects my former lover, I had to exalt him. And for him to raise? The man needs to be serious work, business, albeit small, but his own. And, of course, a good family, parents who don’t meddle in the lives of children. —
      Whether you are dreaming about children or want to realize in your career?
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»Since childhood, of course, all girls dream about the wedding. But while I have no wild desire to have children, to direct tomorrow to give birth. As soon as possible. In his career I don’t intend to be a substitute for Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Alla Pugacheva. May would sing a duet, to participate in any projects that would allow me to safely desirability the apartment. In November, I’m planning to buy. And then I think about the family and children. Now happy to take part in various shooting, photo sessions.
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»
      Your figure many fans consider it almost perfect. But not so long ago you began to think about how to put the new implants. For what? You haven’t changed your mind?
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»He changed his mind. I don’t want to change anything in yourself. Nothing is going to do. Now I’m completely happy with her figure. —
      In the beginning of the year you scared of the fans too thin. Now you brought his weight back to normal?
      Виктория Романец: «Я не гоняюсь за миллионерами»I was recently in the Crimea, and, to be honest, a little while extra. Ate pasties, pilaf, Manty – well how could I say no! Now I have to work in the gym before the rest. And then my antipolonism could not believe that it is possible to eat right, stay lean. I was convinced that it is necessary to gain weight. But it’s funny – I have my own point of view, a mirror in the end! I can see where it is necessary to remove where not necessary.

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