Нумеролог: «Пелагея вышла замуж по расчету» According to Clara Kuzenbaeva, the choice of the singer is waiting for great wealth. The woman is convinced that the family of the actress and hockey player in no way will need. However, the expert is sure that the quay is not suitable wringing.

      Нумеролог: «Пелагея вышла замуж по расчету»

      Last Thursday, the singer Pelageya secretly married the knot with hockey player Ivan by Telegony. The pair did not make any of the events hype – the lovers are called in Kutuzovsky registry office only the closest friends. About the novel all pairs are talking at the end of April, after journalists filmed them in a single Metropolitan restaurant. Even then, on the finger of the ex-the mentor show “the Voice” wore a ring with an impressive diamond.

      Pelageya secretly married a hockey player

      It is known that for celebrity Telegin broke up with his pregnant sweetheart Eugenia Nour their son mark was born a few weeks after their breakup. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva told “StarHit” what the future holds for the couple.

      “Pelagia is a reason married a promising hockey player, – says the expert. – As the girl practical a star immediately felt that Telegin will find a great wealth – and, by the way, she was wrong. This year for Pelageya is not very good, it will be marked by deception and intrigue. Nothing, of course, she decided to get married right now…”
      Нумеролог: «Пелагея вышла замуж по расчету»

      According to numerology, the singer should have stayed married after July 14, her birthday. In addition, the chosen star has a unique character that will affect their relationship.

      The scandal surrounding the novel Pelagia and Telegin broke out with new force

      “Ivan is absolutely not her man,” continues Clara Kuzenbaeva. Code Telegin – 3362911 says that this year it is the year of recovery. He numerology of Olympic champion he likes and knows how to work, waiting for him numerous victories in sports. Despite the fact that Ivan the bearer of the sign of power, he always liked girls older than him. Four deuces in the matrix means increased sexual energy – in this lies the reason why he was always surrounded by girls. But in everyday life Telegin is very heavy – grumpy talker and always cranky. Wringing will have to be patient, to live with him, considering that with time will only get worse… he’s Also vindictive and jealous – wringing will have to account for every step. But on the other hand, he can not lie, all his emotions written on her face.”

      According to numerology, despite the fact that Ivan is younger than Pelagia for six years, he’s dominant in their pair. Hockey player self-sufficient person. The marriage of celebrities is to keep patience Pelagia, and it’s up to her how long he and Ivan are together.

      “Life code Pelageya – 369 437 – says that a star is born on the day the eloquent narrator. She’s a big dreamer and tend to idealize relationships, – told the “StarHit” Clara Kuzenbaeva. – Sometimes, the celebrity herself is able to come up with something and eventually believe it. The singer has tremendous patience, she is very smart, endowed with tremendous analytical skills. Also celebrity has the sign of artistry. She’s a great hard worker and a very lucky girl – her life. But Pelagia suffer from mood swings and depressions surrounding the sometimes uneasy to be around her. Celebrity quite hard and selfish man, but very brave, hardworking, always for the truth. The star a lot of complexes, despite the fact that we used to see her confident”.

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