Дочь Светланы Лободы пошла по ее стопам The girl was fascinated by playing the drums. At rehearsal artist to her successor tried himself in the role of a member of the musical group. Girl with great pleasure took up the mastering of a musical instrument.

      Дочь Светланы Лободы пошла по ее стопам

      The life of Svetlana Loboda is in full swing, her tour schedule is painted on minutes. The actress tries not to miss a single opportunity to be with my daughter, so sometimes even takes her to his concerts. Five year old Eva enjoy watching my mother’s work. And recently before the concert, the girl during the sound check came to the drum set and began to extract sounds from a musical instrument.

      “Today, my Eva’s drumming at the hotel in which we stand. Welcome to our concert friends, You are waited for by interesting fills from the girl in the yellow dress,” laughed Svetlana.

      Not surprisingly, the baby reaches out to the music, she talked about the fact that he wants to follow in the footsteps of mom. Eva has already started to prepare for the future superstars. The girl is vocal, likes to play a little guitar, but also gifted on the birthday electronic drum set.

      Interestingly, passion for drums charming eve inherited from my mother, who fulfilled her childhood dream and made it a highlight of the concert program. During performances Loboda demonstrates the skill of the drummer.

      By the way, Svetlana is proud of his heir. The girl is a strong personality and happy mother abilities. “Evie – a wildly emotional and surprisingly intelligent child. I say surprisingly, because I don’t understand how at the age of five to have such a large vocabulary or to use such turns of speech as she is. If eve not to do something, she will make us all a brain. With all of the congestion daughter at bedtime and jumping on the bed! Don’t understand where she got that strength and energy”, says Loboda.

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