Роза Сябитова поможет устроить демографический бум Russian TV presenter said that she was going to run for the state Duma. According to Sabitova, she will represent the party “Rodina”. The post of Deputy rose plans to focus on family issues.

      Роза Сябитова поможет устроить демографический бум

      Well-known TV show “let’s get married”, the matchmaker rose Sabitova, going to try a new field. 54-year-old woman will run for the state Duma. At the moment it chooses the Russian district, whose interests she would like to introduce in the legislature.

      “Yes, I plan to nominate a candidate from the party “Rodina”. In which constituency, we now are discussing this topic. My main position is clear, I am a folk matchmaker is the family and, in principle, a slogan that I will nominate, “strong family — a strong state,” Sabitova said.

      Candidate Sabitova considered for inclusion in the Federal list of candidates, which forms the party “Rodina” before the state Duma elections, which will be held on September 18.

      The post of member of the state Duma Sabitova plans to protect the interests of women and children, and will make every effort in her chosen region improved demographic situation.

      “I think that is likely because this issue is still quite open, select the region where a lot of the female population — Ivanovo. Maybe Yaroslavl, where it is necessary to help the female population, lost our gene pool” – said TV presenter. According to star, in modern society, parents should remember that it is necessary not only to give birth and raise children, and we have to take care of their future.

      We will remind that Roza Sabitova is a professional matchmaker. In the early 1990s, she opened her Dating Agency. In 2008, the businesswoman was invited to the role of leading the program “let’s get married” on the First channel, which it conducts together with Larisa Guzeeva and Vasilisa Volodya. She Sabitova has no plans to look for a spouse that surprises all her fans. The woman was married twice and has two children. According to her, the man she just don’t need.

      According to a leading, all women are looking for satellites to brighten up his loneliness. And she loves to be alone, resting, when no one is around her. According to Sabitova, it is the life alone allows her to go to the fitness club, swim in the pool, SIP a cocktail, while not thinking about the fact that someone is waiting for her at home.

      “I realized as a woman, I’m a mom, mother-in-law, mother-in-law will then become a grandmother. It’s not my fault that my husband died and I had to stand at the head of the family. Sexual topic no longer attracts me, and now the man in my system of values are relegated to fifth place – after careers, children, grandchildren and comfort,” – said rose in one of the television.

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