Арест мужа Жасмин обернулся для нее кошмаром The singer does not lose hope that the father of her children will soon be home. Jasmine believes that her husband Ilan Shor, who is suspected of Bank fraud, arrested solely to satisfy public opinion. The star says that Ilan – a law-abiding citizen who demonstrated a willingness to cooperate with the investigation.

      Арест мужа Жасмин обернулся для нее кошмаром

      The husband of a popular singer Jasmine, and the father of two of her children, known Moldovan businessman Ilan Shor was arrested this week by the court of the city of Chisinau on suspicion of Bank fraud. In the detention center entrepreneur will spend a month. Jasmine will not soon see her husband on the loose

      Remaining alone with two children, the youngest of whom is just two months old, Jasmine is unable to accept her husband’s arrest. With all my heart worrying about a loved one, the star has published in the microblog emotional post confessing that these days he feels unbearable pain because of separation from Ilan and unfair to him attitude of law enforcement officers. According to Jasmine, no reason for keeping her husband in custody there. Ilan Shor did not impede the investigation and cooperated with him. Was on demand, provided all requested documents and was not trying to evade responsibility.

      “I find it difficult to understand why prosecutors say he can escape out of the country to family – shared in the microblog Jasmine. At least, cynical to use such arguments if it is well known that when he was summoned, he came immediately, regardless of where he was. Left the family and whatever was present at the hearing. Why suddenly start to claim that he can destroy the evidence when we are talking about an old case, and if you want you can destroy them before?”

      Jasmine believes that the only reason that Ilan Shor, it was decided to detain, it is the desire to please public opinion, which is not in favor of the husband of the star.

      “The problem is not that guilty Ilan Shor or not this will solve the objective authority after a thorough investigation! And in the method of his arrest, in a show that will not bring justice to the people of Moldova. Ilan was arrested to satisfy public opinion. I hope with all my soul, that the citizens will observe and understand the real reasons that lie behind this arrest,” continued the singer.

      Jasmine also expressed hope that the efforts now being made by attorneys Ilan Shor, will not go in vain and after a few days the husband of the singer will return home, where he so eagerly waiting for the beloved wife and two children – daughter Margaret and tiny son Myron. Everything that happened with my husband Jasmine calls a nightmare, which, she believes, will end soon.

      “All I want is to be treated fairly Ilan as soon as possible ended this nightmare and opening his eyes to understand that we live in a beautiful Moldova that I love, with good and sincere people. Ilan will be home and be able to defend themselves by demonstrating his innocence in the course of proper investigation and equilateral justice,” he hoped the singer.

      At the conclusion of his voluminous and very emotional post, Jasmine thanked all those who in these incredibly hard for her family days supports her and believes that Ilan Shor will soon be free and see their loved ones.

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