Natalia Vodianova came out of the decree

Наталья Водянова вышла из декрета The model appeared on the catwalk three weeks after birth. Natalia Vodianova impressed with their elegance participants of the Paris fashion week, becoming the main star of the show of Givenchy. Catwalk mothers of many children caused a storm of emotions among the public.

      Наталья Водянова вышла из декрета

      World famous model Natalia Vodianova, three weeks ago, in fifth time became a mom, once again proved that the prefix “super” to its name is added deservedly so.

      Vodianova in a short time brought himself into great shape and came out of the decree directly to the podium. Mother of many children became the star of the Givenchy show at Paris fashion week, showing dress from the autumn collection of Haute Couture Fall 2016. Apparently, the offer to participate in Paris fashion week Natalia Vodianova received for a long time, and could not deny myself the pleasure to accept it. Fashion show only fashion models, who has five children, has caused a storm of emotions among the public. Supermodel caught yourself admiring glances. On the catwalk Natalia Vodianova appeared in a white floor-length dress. And surprisingly, it was not supplemented. On the contrary, emphasized the slimness and fragility of their model, even though the abundance of ruffles in the upper part of the dress that adds volume.

      Наталья Водянова вышла из декрета

      It seems that Natalia Vodianova, who returned to his beloved work after a break related to pregnancy and childbirth, has experienced incredible feelings during the show. Their emotions the star of world podiums shared with subscribers microblog.

      “Oor, I did it again, signed a phrase from a famous song Britney Spears picture taken during the fashion show, Natalia Vodianova – the Show goes on, the temptation was too great!”

      We will remind, the fifth child Natalia Vodianova was born on 4 Jun. Natalia Vodianova became a mother for the fifth time

      Newborn baby boy whom his parents named Roman, was the second joint a little supermodel and her common-law husband, French billionaire Antoine Arnault. In 2014, Natalia Vodianova Antoine gave birth to their first son Maxim. Also the couple are raising children models from his first marriage with Justin Portman: Lucas, Victor, and daughter Neva. For Vodianova, Antoine moved to live in France. According to the model, after she met her second husband, her life changed for the better.

      On the fifth pregnancy Natalia began talking in the fall of 2015. The model came to one of the events organized by her friends in the Moscow boutique, in a dress that does not hide rounded stomach. During the nine months Vodianova led an active life, participated in a charity receptions and were busy with their other children.

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