Vera Glagoleva has denied the news about the deadly disease

Вера Глаголева опровергла новость о смертельной болезни

Russian actress Vera Glagoleva has responded to the news appeared yesterday on her cancer. Recall that yesterday some media reported that allegedly the actress felt ill and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit of a Moscow clinic. There she stayed for the day, had a blood transfusion and is now going abroad for treatment. How true this is – Faith decided to tell myself.

The journalists of Days.Roux contacted Glagoleva, and she was surprised by what he heard information.
“Nothing at all about it do not know. I luckily feel fine” assured reporters Vera Vitalevna.
Recall that a few years Glagoleva really was sick. The pale actress was hospitalized in the hospital where was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal disease and heart. Changing your lifestyle and eating behavior, the actress was feeling better. We are very happy that she is healthy and that her life is not threatened by any terrible disease.