Anna Sedokova declassified the name of the son

Анна Седокова рассекретила имя сына

For nearly two months, the popular Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova is impossible to hide the name of her newborn son who was born on April 8 in the United States. But a few hours ago, Anna decided it was time to make the secret obvious and caused a lot of upsets the public with their revelations. So, the artist named his son Hector.

“His name is Hector. English written Gektor. I wanted ancient Greek or Roman name. And somehow it liked,” said Anne and added that name to her boy. No one from the environment Sedokova could not predict how she decided to name the baby. Now Anna is a mother and cannot imagine my life without her son and daughters.
Questions about how her life has changed now, the singer says: “Time was less. and love more.”
We will remind that last week the singer left on his page in social network Instagram ambiguous message, which hinted at the breakup with the father of the son.
“I always went first , not because he didn’t like. Loved. Much . Just realized that we are no longer happy together. And have to let go of each other … in order to stay in his heart, you need to leave” she wrote.