Вера Брежнева тратит на образование дочерей не менее 40 тысяч долларов в год

This year the ex-participant of “via gra” Vera Brezhnev held the eldest daughter Sofia in the tenth grade, but Junior Sarah first went to school, though he was not too happy.

As Brezhnev said in microblogging, the first-graders staged a small show with tears, because I didn’t want to be a schoolgirl.

“Today we have the First call. The first for the younger daughter. And while our first-grader is crying, I do not want the child in school, the tenth is happy, well and mother with her. Sonia is happy because 2 years left, and Sarah cries, ahead 11 years. We wish all a light, fun, exciting school year!!”, — shared in Instagram Faith.

Anyway, life is life, and therefore need to follow certain rules, even if we don’t want to.

I will assume that now, after two days spent in school, Sarah is already a little mastered, and is now looking to education not as skeptical and reluctant. Certainly, the teacher explained the little girl, to learn all that is necessary. Moreover, the school student which was a girl, considered one of the most prestigious in the city of Kiev, and therefore the teaching material there is at the proper level.

Together with her older sister Sophia, Sarah became a student of a private International British school Nivki is located in Kiev.

Journalists managed to find out that in 2013, the year of study in this institution cost about 20 thousand dollars. Of course, since the cost could not increase.