Том Харди был задержан полицией

Actor Tom hardy often accrue to the role of bad guys in the movie. However, these images differ significantly from what is Fact in life.

Behavior hardy people almost always perfect, except for the days the actor did break the law, which was almost arrested by the police.

Tom’s surrounded by law enforcement officers captured a paparazzi near kings Cross in London.

The reason hardy has become commonplace violation of Parking rules: the actor left the car on the roadside, designed exclusively for police cars, for which he paid.

It is reported that a few minutes hardy spoke with the police. And gave him a ticket, remains a mystery. According to the paparazzi That took advantage of their celebrity status and “off” a autograph.

We will remind, in a short time Tom hardy begins shooting in the new project, where he will play a war photographer with a world name don Machalina.

The scenario will form his autobiography “Unreasonable behaviour”, which tells the life and career Michalina since the military childhood in London until the recognition of one of the most popular photojournalists. By the way, today don is 80 years old, but he is still in business. Mr. Macklin is taken to produce the project.

Note that career don was really outstanding. Working for the British weekly the Sunday Times, the photographer has traveled to hot spots, led to reports from Uganda, Cambodia and Vietnam, in front of him were erected the Berlin wall, covered the Falkland crisis and has received countless professional awards.

Who will take the Director’s chair in the project, not specified.