Интернет-пользователи раскритиковали Анну Калашникову за красные ботфорды

Glory Anna Kalashnikov acquired thanks to his affair with Prokhor Chaliapin and sandal which originated in this relationship. The scandal was based on the fact that she gave birth to a son from another man (whose name still keeps secret), and others said that the father is Prokhor. The singer of such humiliation and even on the eve of the wedding to endure could not, because has canceled all festivities and severed relations with the Kalashnikova.

Four months ago Anna is recovering after the controversial radio program “Let them talk”, but the new act of the girl again is not in her favor.

On his page in Instagram Kalashnikov has published a photo, where Internet users are shamed and feel the need to reiterate that she is still a mother, not a hick came to conquer the capital.

32-year-old Anna the picture shows in red lingerie and high boots, and she holds in her hands the whip. It is an unknown man.

In the comments on Anna showered with negativity: “What kind of example You are son”, “You’re the mother”, “Too vulgar, cheap and vulgar”, “Uh excuse me, but the outfit is not a femme fatale, and confused, which has turned the…”, “Anna always has the same facial expression-that Daisy fotkat that sex represents…”.

To respond to such statements Kalashnikov is not considered necessary. Apparently, after the scandalous broadcast on TV Anna become immune to any criticism.