Том Круз хочет привлечь Марго Робби к сайентологии

The currently known follower of Scientology, Tom cruise continues to promote this belief. In addition to the thousands of people in the “States” to bring to religion the actor intends millions around the world. For this Cruz must be strongly supported.

For example, in order to promote Scientology in Australia That wants to talk to Margot Robbie.

As you know, the star of the blockbuster “suicide Squad” a native of this country, because it must become the perfect “face of Scientology” at home, “Tom tries to interest Margot Scientology. He dreams that this religion was promoted and distributed by celebrity are the same as he. Besides, he needed new faces. He spoke to Margo and said that she could help him in the transformation of the Church for future generations.”

While Tom is doing everything possible to interest the Margaux their religion itself is Robbie thinking about something else.

Recently, the actress talked about the fact that Warner Brothers is considering the option of creating a spin-off of “suicide Squad”, in which we would go about the doctor of psychology Harley Quinzell.