Лолита дала в Сочи мастер-класс работоспособности

During a rehearsal, the singer was unhappy with the video, which was supposed to accompany her song.

This year, the musical competition “New wave” is accompanied by a number of small troubles. The opening suddenly turned off the sound during a performance of Philip Kirkorov, which made the singer a little nervous. And in the second day of the festival nervous had lolita. In rehearsal the singer made the remark operators mount the visuals for her songs.

The fact that on the second day of contest all the artists will perform songs from popular movies, to movie Night will be country Director Nikita Mikhalkov. So, the Lo for this concert chose the song “Tenderness” from the movie”Tri Topolya na plyuschihe”, which was played by Tatyana Doronina and Oleg Yefremov.

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The singer wanted her speech began with a passage from the movie, where singing Doronin. And after it came to Lolita – she’s up to. However, the video is assembled incorrectly: instead of the episode, where Doronin and Yefremov, sitting in the car and that is addictive: “Empty land without you…” on the screen installed on the stage, went totally the other shots.

“Why Doronin show like she died? “said Lolita. — Why does the horse? Put a single episode from a movie, and then big plans Doronina and Ephraim shot a brilliant Director. Don’t need too much!”

The singer tried to calm what to do, they say, now it is difficult to do, sound and lights operators sleeping, as I leave at 5 am.

“I’m in three days, sometimes not sleeping. I am 52 years old, and I have four aircraft a day. And I’m happy. Because I paid money for it,” protested Lola.

In the end, the video changed during the run. And all were happy with the result. As they say, in a dispute born truth. To do this, in fact, need a rehearsal to be able to improve, to Refine, to think out and bring in the end to the ideal.