Вера Брежнева примерила эпатажный тренд

Ukrainian singer appeared before the fans in new and unusual ways. The star decided to try on one of the most unusual trends of the season autumn-winter 2016 – gold outfit in the style of the 80s.

Metallized fabrics and colors combined with large, slightly disproportionate silhouettes – in autumn / winter 2016 in the rating of key trends have got outfits in sparkling style of the 80s. And Vera Brezhnev was one of the first celebrity decided to try this controversial fashion trend.

The singer has published in his Instagram photo, which she tried on a spectacular Golden trousers of shiny fabric. An unusual article of clothing she completed a slinky red top, sandals with thin straps and a bouffant in the style of the heroine of the film “Flashdance”.

The image was very impressive and catchy, but we’re not sure that it will be useful in your everyday wardrobe. Such fashion experiments look best at parties, cocktails and the red carpet.