Села в калошу! Кейт Мидлтон носит старую обувь

Well-worn boots, in which the Duchess appeared, blew up the Internet.

The Duchess of Cambridge has long been famous for his love of clothes democratic brands. Gorgeous dress Haute couture for thousands of pounds she will prefer a cheap thing from the mass market. Recently opened another feature of the Duchess. She is still very frugal lady.

Along with spouse and children, Kate Middleton went on an official visit to Canada. During a visit to the port town of Bella-Bella the Duchess surprised many journalists and photographers. Walks around the town she chose cheap jeans, plaid shirt and mohair sweater blue. No formal suits, no evening dresses with capes from chinchilla fur. But most importantly – shoes. On his feet Middleton wore high boots that she wears for 12 years in a row!

Especially for Middleton them in 2004 made firm Penelope Chilvers model genuine leather flat shoes with a high shaft. The cost of a pair is about 500 pounds sterling (about 40 thousand). Despite its venerable age, the boots look tolerably well, except that the fading appeared small.

In the network image of Kate and her shoes in particular made a splash. Fans of Middleton and praised her for thrift and frugality and advised everyone to refer to things and not throwing money to the wind. However, there were those who said that to look like a Royal lady is not stuck, she’s the face of the nation. Others have suggested that the boots 12 years ago went in the trash, this girl just ordered a pair. Although, knowing the character of Kate, it is hard to believe.