Вера Брежнева рассказала всю правду о своей личной жизни
The singer revealed the secret 15-year relationship.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Vera Brezhnev rarely talks about his personal life: almost never. About her relationship with Konstantin Meladze, the singer
also does not apply, preferring to “hide behind” a phrase that happiness loves silence. But, to the delight of fans, Faith decided to openly talk about his personal
life. She started her own Instagram post: “a Little about my personal life. Answers
to frequently asked questions.” However, we are talking not about her husband, and …about the hair
she cut my hair.

“1) My
relationship with long hair lasted more than 15 years. 2) Yes, I decided, and
got a haircut. 3) No, I have no regrets and do not miss . 4)
I enjoy it. Lightness, freshness, something new. 5) I just wanted to make
a highlight in our relationship. 6) They didn’t mind.7) Hair is not your teeth — grow back. Already rising. 8) Very
like yourself with a new hairstyle. 9) the Hair healthy and a little lighter on
the sun seem even brighter. 10) I Love experiments, and summer is not hot”.

We will remind, the singer honestly admitted that in her
family idyll is sometimes marred by quarrels with loved ones. As it turned out, the family of the actress are very
dissatisfied with her behavior lately. The fact is, that Faith because
tour much lost diet. Native Brezhneva including husband
Konstantin Meladze and scolded her for what she is eating too little and this
the soil in the house sometimes there are conflicts.”I’m trying to eat more, but not
out for a tour…” — shared the star.

The Belief in perfection knows how it should be
composed of a balanced menu for the day. However, due to work to apply their
knowledge in life she comes out. Brezhnev rarely fit the house to the stove.
Often, cooking her children and sometimes a spouse. By the way, the singer admitted
she loves to watch as the man prepares a meal. “I love to see when somebody
other. I’m a mother of two children. Shame! Just now there’s no time,
and I love to eat. When preparing a man — it’s really fun!” —
said Vera in the TV show “Smak”.