Алек Болдуин решил жениться снова
The ceremony will take place this Friday.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas


As announced by Alec Baldwin, he came up with
a great way to commemorate the fifth anniversary of his marriage to Hilaria Thomas.
The actor planned to marry again on the — his own wife! He spoke about
in a recent interview that appeared on the e! website.som.

“We’re getting married this Friday!” — suddenly
Alec said, appearing with Hilaria at the premiere of Blind, where Baldwin plays a major role. “What are you
done, we wanted to keep it secret! Now our door is going
a huge crowd of people! And it will be entirely your fault!” —
responded Mrs. Baldwin.

“You see, I need constant confirmation
the fact that she’s still with me. I
want to be sure that she was not going to leave me!” — half 59-year-old actor. “Don’t worry. Once you’re on
I got married, not only I, but you have nowhere to stay…” in tone wife said Hilaria.

“You know, when I start to whine and complain about something, my
the wife quickly brings me up. She says: “I don’t even
sorry!” But if we at this moment are on the street begins to turn to
strangers with the question: “Anyone feel sorry for Alec Baldwin?”

In fact, if without jokes, then, according to
Baldwin, he is extremely happy with his wife. He thinks he’s fabulous
was lucky to meet a woman like Hilary., which, among other things,
gave him three beautiful children. Eldest daughter Carmen for three years, son
Rafael – two, and the youngest, Leonardo is only 7 months.