Вера Брежнева впервые заговорила про своего мужа

October last year saw the Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze important and responsible step for them – a couple to legitimize their relationship, which lasted for almost 10 years.

There was a good, but secret event away from the bustle of Moscow and of the party in the Italian resort of Forte dei Marmi, not far from Tuscany. The ceremony was organized for the two of them, Faith and Constantine there were no witnesses and decided with no one to share this sacrament.

On the subject of personal life that Brezhnev that Meladze talking very rarely, but recently the singer has told, who is her husband. It turned out that he is the man for whom she is ready to go with your eyes closed.

“As for Constantine, he’s an absolute authority for me. He has experience, wisdom, professionalism, his opinion I accept without reservation. Throughout the work, I trust him completely, that is, unable to keep my eyes closed. It sounded very naturally is to always remain a woman — I listen and obey,” said Faith.