Дрейк откроет стриптиз-клуб в Хьюстоне

So it is not known what has prompted Drake to the opening of a strip club – a dislike of his beloved Rihanna to the bras, or was it his lifelong dream, but the fact remains that the famous performer has announced the opening of “not a classic” strip club in Houston.

29-year-old singer said this at the annual Houston Appreciation Weekend on Monday night. However, Drake argues that unlike other owners of strip bars, will treat his subordinates with respect, and promises to raise them on a pedestal”.
“It will be cultural dances, and not an ordinary strip bar. We are the best dancers, the best music and culture of Houston. I just want to let you know that I’ll be quite honest with you. I’ll show you how it should be” — Drake said and added that the club opening is scheduled for early 2017.