Эдвард Сноуден появится в фильме о себе

Ex-employee of U.S. intelligence Edward Snowden will soon appear in the ribbon by Oliver stone. To get rare and wanted by many a bird, the Director met with him in Moscow, where Snowden now lives. This was told by the Executive producer of the film Igor Laptenok.

“The shooting of the film took place around the world: in Munich, Hong Kong, Washington and Hawaii, where Edward could not get, we spent more than ten meetings in Moscow” — said Laptenok. These meetings were also attended by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whom the Russian public believes not similar to Snowden, whom he played.
“I believe that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a very talented actor, and when I see them with Edward in one shot, I can not agree with the Russian media – for me they are extremely similar. Joseph managed to convey not only the character, but the habits Snowden. He did a great job with the role,” Oliver said and added that the former agent had already seen the film and approved it.
The Russian version of the movie is four minutes longer than the us. But what for the moment in the us – said. In our cinemas the film will be shown from September 15, while in the US it will premiere on the 16th.
Recall that about Edward Snowden, the world learned in 2013, when he clamped journalists a shocking secret, and sometimes personal information about many of the powerful. In the United States betrayed its control, the agent faces up to thirty years in prison. At the moment he lives in Russia, where in 2014 he received a three-year residence permit.