Наталья Краско рассказала, что чуть не стала женой миллионера

The marriage of actor Ivan Krasko with the girl he more granddaughter fit, in the beginning, stirred up the minds of others. It was not clear what they’re basing this relationship – love, affection, respect?

Spouses argue that without each other they can not live, though sometimes confronted with problems and quarrels, like other ordinary people.

Evil tongues and then trying to catch Natalia cheating on her, but she whole-heartedly in love with her husband and keeps him faithful.

As it turned out, for the sake of marriage with a famous actor and lives with him in a small living space, the girl refused a relationship that would guarantee her a comfortable existence.

“I once had the opportunity to marry oligarchs, businessmen and have amazing wealth, but I would need then to change myself and to listen to such speech: “do you remember where I pulled you? Bling, machine, fur”, — she admitted to journalists. Natalia admitted that this way of life she believes is right, and if there is extra penny, it is better to spend for fur, and to help those in need.