Вера Брежнева раскрыла секреты стройной фигуры

Vera Brezhnev – happy owner of a beautiful body. But not only nature and good genes, the singer is obliged appearance, but a few rules, following which she manages to maintain the harmony and beauty.

In social network Instagram Leonid Brezhnev decided once to tell what helps it to be irresistible. The singer stressed that with the growth of 170 cm, stable weight is 53 kilograms.

“Harmony is ease and comfort. Harmony it’s not thinness, it’s a beauty. And each is beautiful for different weight and proportions. So I will tell you that for me my slim. I like to be. Lightweight, flexible, slender. I like myself in the mirror. I like to hear compliments of his body and the surprised and admiring glances! Yes! I’m almost 35, but I love it all, slim – not skinny. Slender body, healthy and beautiful body. How do I do so?! FOOD, SPORTS, MASSAGE. The three pillars. I can be in any weight class I’d like! (Although I perfect 53 kg with height 170 cm) but these three pillars always help me to stay slim. To maintain my proportion, like myself. Yes, after 30 our metabolism slows down, and work on yourself gets a little more complicated (with rare exceptions) and more. Therefore, diet stricter, sport – just something that gives me flexibility, health, relief. Massage – skin care”, – wrote the ex-VIA Gra on the page.