George Michael was miserable and lonely at the end of life

Джордж Майкл был несчастным и одиноким под конец жизни

When a representative for George Michael has announced that legendary musician “died peacefully in his own bed” edition found out that the last days of celebrity were not so serene as it might seem initially.

Last lifetime photos of the actor were taken by the paparazzi in one of the restaurants in Oxfordshire, near the house of George. Then the company he was with some friends, but in the last days of life, according to insiders near the actor had no soul.
“In recent months, George has been chopped off communication with most of their friends, fired some staff and managers said goodbye to a stylist. Talking to him was unbearable. Because of ill health, he became nervous and even some old friends avoided contact with him,” said the insider.
Meanwhile, the official representative has denied the information about the poor condition of the artist, and insists that ended in a 53-year-old singer is likely due to heart failure.