Вера Брежнева устроила романтические каникулы с Константином Меладзе The couple are enjoying a welcome rest. Vera Brezhnev and Konstantin Meladze decided to go abroad to recover after hard working days. The choice of star pair fell to Italy, where the actress celebrated her birthday.
Вера Брежнева устроила романтические каникулы с Константином Меладзе

3 Feb Vera Brezhneva celebrated the day of birth. The star turned 36 years old. To celebrate an important date, the artist decided to go to Italy with her husband Konstantin Meladze. Celebrities having a good time walking around the local sights and sampling the delicacies.

In the microblog Brezhnev appeared bright pictures where she is depicted together with her husband. The pictures, published in stories singer in Instagram, she looks very happy and relaxed. Husband stars willingly posing with her. In your birthday Brezhnev decided to commit cultural output. The actress went to the Opera together with her husband. “The Barber of Seville – the best gift,” said Brezhnev.

Вера Брежнева устроила романтические каникулы с Константином Меладзе

The eldest daughter of the stars were unable to attend with her. Sonia Kiperman went to study in America. The girl sent a loved one a telegram in which he wished the Faith all the best. “Happy birthday, love mommy! I love you very much. Although I am not physically near to your birthday, I’m still with you. Good day to you!”is the message Sonia left her mother.

As later admitted herself Faith, she celebrated 36 years. The star also said that she is very excited to spend time with family. They cheered the singer nice gifts and warm wishes. Believing was touched by the signs of attention from loved ones.

“When we are happy, we are the best version of myself. Yesterday did not celebrate, but would be happy spending your day in a beautiful place with lovely people. Want to wish you good emotions every day,” – wrote Leonid Brezhnev in the microblog.

Many fans Brezhneva bombarded her with congratulations in social networks. They wanted a favorite performer of all the best and expressed the hope that she will record more than one hit. Faith was familiar with the reaction of the fans and thanked them on Instagram.

“The sky over Venice was filled with love! Love my family and friends. Although no photo is able to convey my emotions. But most importantly, I want to say today – thank you! Thank you all for what you got, thank you to everyone who took the time to congratulate me, thank you for your love! It fills and inspires me and she is mutual. The words that I heard and read from you – a great gift. Thank you for feeling me so!”celebrity in social networks, posting a photo of the famous balloons in the shape of hearts.