Жена Кержакова об изменах: «Никто не имеет права порочить честь моего мужа» Milan commented on the information spread in the Network. Within a few weeks does not subside the hype around Kiriakovich, as recently one of the publications published pictures of a footballer with another woman.
Жена Кержакова об изменах: «Никто не имеет права порочить честь моего мужа»

For several weeks in the Network actively discussing the disorder in the family Kiriakovich. First, fans of the pair noticed that Milan rarely puts pictures with her husband, and then a number of media wrote about the alleged football player raised on her arm. The young woman tried not to comment on the speculation.

However, recently appeared on the Internet footage of Kerzhakov depicted in the company of some girl. They began to accuse him of treason. Oil poured into the fire it ex-wife Kerzhakov Catherine Safronova.

“Milan called me herself. I asked her to arrange a meeting with your son and try to persuade Sasha to make concessions to me. Milan has promised to help. Apparently, becoming a mother, she realized what – not to see the baby. After a month of talking we met. Milan came in tears and explained: “meeting with the child is impossible, he said he would rather divorce me than let you see Igor”. Then she began to speak, as all of them bad. Milan – a young girl, and I don’t think she was up to Sasha in a serious relationship. Therefore, she did not expect from her husband such treatment. Thus, one should not forget that she is the daughter of an influential and wealthy man. In General, Milan told that he raises her hand”, – said Safronov.

Besides, in this edition an interview with Kerzhakova. The player’s wife claims that he did not give consent to its publication. In the resulting text of Milan declares the existence of a contract according to which she could not disclose information about his personal life with her husband. The young mother brought the material, and she left an angry post on Instagram, who then hastened to remove.

“When I want to say something, I’ll tell you about it herself. Whatever it was, no man on earth has the right to denigrate the honor of my husband until he was my husband. This is a man who made a lot of good, and I am very much grateful to him,” wrote Milan.

By the way, a friend of Kerzhakova Svetlana says that Sasha isn’t home and doesn’t tell his wife when he gets back. “Milan loved him that much, wanted to keep the family together, but now it’s too late. Now she lives at my mom” – told a friend in an interview with “Express newspaper”.