Вера Брежнева призналась, что во всем подчиняется Константину Меладзе The singer fully trusts his wife. Vera Brezhnev listens to the husband, because he is a star absolute authority. According to the artist, Constantine also believes in her, he knows how much she is responsible and organized.

      Singer Vera Brezhnev manages to appear in videos and in the movies, to undertake the education of two charming daughters and to perform the duties of the goodwill Ambassador of the UN. It seems that the ex-participant of “VIA gra” never tired in her spare time she plays sports and preparing healthy meals. In all endeavors Brezhnev supports her husband, Konstantin Meladze. Very soon the pair will celebrate a year of marriage.

      At the moment Faith is preparing to give a solo concert under the name “Number#1”, so she has a lot of work. The actress admits that many deals she comes up with the concept, controls the execution of tasks, negotiating with the organizers. However, the most important for her is still the opinion of her husband.

      “As for Constantine, he’s an absolute authority for me. He has experience, wisdom, professionalism, his opinion I accept without reservation. Throughout the work, I trust him completely, that is, unable to keep my eyes closed. It sounded very naturally is to always remain a woman – I listen and obey,” said Faith.

      Many fans Brezhneva believe that the song and video “Number 1” was devoted to Constantine. However, the singer calls it all fiction. According to the artist, when she starred in the video for this song, the whole team was very upset when she got behind the wheel of a bulldozer dedcation.

      “The only one who was in me then I am absolutely sure, it’s Constantine. He knows how I am responsible and organized. In addition, I have twelve years of driving is a lot of work”, – shared his impressions of Brezhnev.

      We will remind that eks-the participant of group “VIA Gra” and producer Konstantin Meladze secretly got married in October last year. The couple were married in Italy in Forte dei Marmi. Brezhnev didn’t tell anyone about this happy event in his life, explaining that happiness loves silence. In turn, he rarely talks to the press on personal matters. “I still don’t want to tell anything about his personal life. And here’s why. I often wonder why others tell you. We have a lot of famous people who are doing everything publicly, even the toilet, I think, is go in public. But over time, I notice a trend: at the end of life, these people go crazy, just get crazy,” said the producer in an interview. Konstantin Meladze for the first time commented on the relationship with Vera Brezhneva

      Despite the fact that Brezhnev never shows joint frames with a husband with social networking, she admits that she is happy. “Sometimes you need to be with the people you love, who loves you, and your inner vessel is filled immediately,” – said the singer in an interview with “OK!”.