Родители Екатерины Варнавы стыдятся ее работы The actress admitted that her father even criticized. Catherine Barnabas have to take part in a candid photoshoot and to go on stage in sexy outfits. Her relatives don’t love it.

      Catherine Barnabas is one of the brightest Actresses and leading in the Russian show-business. Having a great sense of humor and a memorable appearance, the star easily won the hearts of thousands of viewers across the country. One of the constant participants Comedy Woman pleases his fans not only sparkling aside, and revealing outfits, which she demonstrates on stage.

      However, the sexy image of Catherine Barnabas still can’t accept her family. Parents stars critical of her appearance in public in outrageous dresses.

      “They are very respectful of what I was doing, but was wondering when something went wrong? They had to break − refused to understand that they’ve put in me, and I still go on stage in shorts and a corset,” admits Catherine.

      According to star, her father was even forced to listen to comments from co-workers. The man called colleagues and hinted that the daughter of the Colonel was wrong to appear on stage in a corset. But most of all, Barnabas went when she posed Nude for men’s magazines “Maxim”.

      “Dad, all this creativity did not understand, I bought a lot of magazines − they are still with us on the balcony gathering dust,” says the actress.

      Perhaps some misunderstanding in the family is due to the fact that Catherine is paying close enough attention. A participant Comedy Woman very busy work schedule. Star constantly receives business proposals from which she not in forces to refuse. However, even this situation Barnabas sees with its inherent sense of humor.

      Catherine Barnabas admitted that her face scares men

      “I very rarely see their parents due to a busy schedule. And when there is a choice to fly in any Ajoutons or to be with family, I choose Ajoutons. Because while it is possible and allows the age, have to earn money. And of course, I was plagued by complexes. But, on the other hand, when I see their loved ones, they say: “We all understand, you’re our lifelong friend, give us the money that you earned in Muhallebisi,” says the actress in an interview with “Peopletalk”.