Звезду «Битвы экстрасенсов» подставили аферисты Detractors are acting on behalf of Nicole Kuznetsova. The woman hastened to warn their fans about scams. Fans advised to the witch to apply to the police to stop cheaters.

      Finalist of the 16th season of the famous program “Battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova after participating in the project gained incredible popularity. Ask for help to the witch is a dream of many who happened to encounter any unsolvable life problem. Using the authority and fame Kuznetsova, the speculators decided to earn money and damage the credibility of the medium. Nicole hurried as soon as possible to warn all followers about the unpleasant situation.

      “Friends! Scammers got to my room. Remittances do not make the statements that this is my principal Alexander, I beg you not to believe! Connected illegal forwarding numbers. These people have nothing to do with me! Be careful! As the attackers write messages in social networks,” – said Kuznetsov.

      However, fans of Nicole turned out not to be so gullible and suspected a trick, when they began to receive messages. “I have already written, I just ignored”, “Not everyone needs to believe. Now so ugly that on someone else’s grief make themselves money. God always sees and who then take”, “I Wanted to write you but I was probably ahead,” he wrote to fans of witches. However, some psychic advised to contact the police to stop the actions of ill-wishers.

      Not so long ago Nicole Kuznetsova had to experience stress. When she and her lover went to St. Petersburg to celebrate his birthday. However, after celebrating Kuznetsova found that their car sent to the impound. Rendezvous Nicole Kuznetsova turned in serious trouble

      However, this did not spoil the vacation of a psychic and her lover Alexander Zadok. Just a few days after this incident, the couple went to Helsinki. Apparently, the situation with evacuees of the car was quickly resolved, because in Finland the lovers went to the car. There Nicole rested and gained strength before the big tour in Russia.

      Nicole has admitted that the closest people are her source of strength inspiration. At the end of the 16th season of “Battle of psychics” Kuznetsova wanted rather to be close to the spouse and children. “After grueling months of filming, where I left a lot of effort, I primarily want to relax, to gather my thoughts and to give time to his family, which desperately lacked because of the “Battle”. I have a husband and two small sons, whom the mother needs as opposed to on the screen. At the same time to leave the job I certainly did not intend”, – said the psychic in an interview with “StarHit”.