Либерж Кпадону закрутила роман с лучшим другом The reality star was able to appreciate the man who supported it. Liberi Kadono enjoy a candy-bouquet period, and prefer not to think about what this relationship awaits tomorrow. According to environment girl, to get married, she is not going.

      Либерж Кпадону закрутила роман с лучшим другом

      Divorce Liberg and Evgeniya Rudneva became one of the most controversial on the project. They were married on 12 December 2014, and six months later decided to leave. Family life did not work because of her husband’s infidelity and constant bickering, which came to blows.

      “I am ashamed that I could not see in his Wife a monster and allowed him to enter my family to meet my parents,” recalls 28-year-old Liberg.

      A month after the divorce, she left the project. Outside the perimeter of telestroke was waiting for her close friend, a former participant of “House-2” Joseph Mungole. He’s always been there in difficult times, supported Libi – for example, when the saw live Evgeny Rudnev yells at his wife and beats her, repeatedly trying to cause the opponent to the perimeter to “duel”.

      “He wanted to meet Zhenya in person and smack him in the face,” says Liberg. But I stopped, didn’t want to bring the situation to such depths…”
      Либерж Кпадону закрутила роман с лучшим другом

      Mungole finest hour came when Kadono was free. “Libi was depressed,” recalls Kate, a close friend of the girl. – Joseph did everything for her comfort. They took her to an apartment in Moscow and make surprises flowers bring, the spirits will give… and Often came to Libby to make her something delicious – meat with beans in a spicy sauce, cake. Over time she got used to it and couldn’t imagine life without him.”

      Liberi Kadono openly told about life after “House-2”

      But for a long time did not reciprocate, and saw him as only a best friend. “I dare say, that you are lost? continues Kate. Guy beautiful, noble, in you is impassioned, besides well-off – co-owner of karaoke in the capital centre, a fitness trainer. And she heard us on June 5th, we all went to a friend’s birthday, celebrated on the yacht. It was fun – we swam, danced. And suddenly I saw Lily with Jazikom kiss! Since then they are together. Now they have a candy-bouquet period, about how to live together, it is not. Liberi afraid of a serious relationship. This is not surprising – after such an experience… Now her down the aisle is not neglected, so long as they Jazikom enjoy the novel and not think about the future.”