Василий Степанов ищет деньги на съемки фильма The actor returned to creative activity. According to Vasily Stepanov whole group, which is engaged in the project “Who’s next, the dreamers?”, caught in a bad situation.
Василий Степанов ищет деньги на съемки фильма

The star of the film “Inhabited island” Vasily Stepanov gradually returned to filming in films. For a long time, the actor did not take part in the auditions, and he was pursued by bad luck. Relatives were told that at one time Bob was seen in a psychiatric clinic because he was in a severe depression.

Some time ago, Stepanov took part in the project “Who’s next, the dreamers?”. This picture tells the story of love, friendship, overcoming itself, and victory over circumstances. The actor participated in the shooting, when he had a broken leg. His brother brought the actor to the Playground in a wheelchair. About a week ago, Basil made a statement about what the painting needed more funding.

“Initially it was assumed that I will be involved in a different role, one of the main, but circumstances did not allow me to engage in the process in full force. However, the role I played was very bright and lively. The script also included a role for my brother Maxim. This is his film debut. So you have the opportunity to see on the screen two at a Stepanovs. But in order for our meeting were held, we need corny pick-up movie. In art, too, is the prose of life, and this was the very prose. We really need the money to film the last major scene. By the standards of the film industry is a very small amount, but without it in any way,” – said Stepanov on the resource dedicated to the project.

The treatment Stepanov said that they need a certain amount of money for the project. “I ask you to support our project, so we can finish the film and submit it to you, the audience! I thank all not indifferent to the fate of the film “Who’s next, the dreamers?” – asked people in advance Basil.

Recall that Stepanova supported his star friends. However, the artist was the period of life when he had to wash the vehicle. It told his brother.

“Bob helped to extinguish these loans. He secretly arranged a night washer trolleybuses in the fleet – washing for 15 per shift. The next morning the brother came back, was put on the table five thousand and quietly went to bed. Until recently he didn’t tell anyone earns. Said only: “the Most important thing pay!” Only confessed a few months later. Treatment ended, and the debts remained. We plan to repay in 2017. Bob now had plenty of offers for filming in movies. He readily agrees, remembering about the debt. Money I had not asked and do not take. Say: “This is my problem, will understand!” But brother Fox, puts part of the salary to my card with the caption: “Thank you, that was close!” – reported Maskim.