The husband of Svetlana Druzhinina leaves home after a quarrel

Муж Светланы Дружининой уходит из дома после ссор The actress admits that in their family there are conflicts. Svetlana Druzhinin admitted that on the set she and her husband often can not find a common language. However, these problems did not affect relationships outside of work.
Муж Светланы Дружининой уходит из дома после ссор

Svetlana Druzhinina and Anatoly Mukasey have been together for almost 60 years. Many of their Union seems perfect, but spouses do not hide, that in their family frequent quarrels. In the program “on a visit in the morning,” the Director admitted, which is especially in conflict with her husband because of work. Lovers always working together on the set, but their views on art, and sometimes diverge.

“It happens that I have already prepared. Actors on a low start, the actress has already shed a tear for the stage, and Roofing haven’t set up the equipment. And then, just when I’m beginning to think now that everything will start, he goes to the toilet. I then begin to rush through the set, we fight terribly, but in the end always get good shots, and I relax,” said Druzhinin.

However, Anatoly Mukasey believes that cooperative work helps them to maintain a marriage for many decades. The couple always have a common topic of conversation. But sometimes they have to be separated due to creative projects. Svetlana Sergeevna typically longer works on the set, and while she works as a Director, her choice of time to shoot the scenes in different places.

Communicating with Maria Shukshina, Mukasey admitted that the conflicts in the family occur not only in films, but also at home.

“There was a quarrel, shout, something to Express to each other. But we never descend to insults and really hurtful words. In the heat of the moment I prefer to leave to catch our breath. Come back soon and bring her gifts. Flowers, chocolates, cakes, trying to make her happy. Light, of course, forgives” – shared Mukasey.

Wife is now obsessed with one dream, and they want to remove the fourth pattern of Cadets. According to Druzhinina, they have everything ready to start working, but the “cinema Fund” and approved the project, so the star couple had to seek the assistance of the audience. “We have already made 800 costumes, all the actors, including Kharatyan, Aguilera, Domogarova ready to work. We made storyboards, took nature, but can not start. But I believe that Light will achieve, it’s resistant,” said Anatoly Mukasey.

Despite his advanced age, movie stars are willing to work hard. Known to the operator does not get tired to admire his beloved, after all, with busy schedule, she manages to care for themselves, to care and to come up with new projects. She Druzhinin does not deny that the main source of her strength is the beloved husband.

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