Василий Ливанов снял внучку в своем новом фильме The famous actor prepares to release his new film “the bronze horseman”. In the picture, which he planned to remove ten years ago, he gave the role his closest relatives – his son Boris and his granddaughter eve. For a small episode of the famous grandfather praised debutante.
Василий Ливанов снял внучку в своем новом фильме

New film Vasily Livanov “the bronze horseman” was only a idea for ten years. The best Sherlock Holmes of all times and peoples just couldn’t find the money to make a film on his own script about one of the most famous and mysterious monuments of Russia, the creation of the monument, the sculptor étienne Falconet. The story about the relationship of the artist and authority on the background of historical events of the XVII century.

One of the roles in the painting – Prince Grigory Potemkin – Vasily Livanov was entrusted to his eldest son, Boris. Also the film debuted Eva Livanov. The girl said that for a small episode in the retinue of her Majesty’s grandfather praised her. However, the future of the profession 15-year-old Eva does not reflect yet.

Perhaps because heard from the famous grandfather how hard it is to be an actor. Vasily Livanov, who knows and loves the whole country, still recalls with horror how he has prepared to go to drama school.

“It was a heartbreaking story for me. When the father learned that I want to go to the theater, he called up his friend Ruben Simonov said: “Vaska comes to your school. If he doesn’t have enough abilities – drive in the neck”. And a few days later I was in the office of Ruben Nikolaevich Simonov, where in addition to his sat famous actors. And I began to drive on Russian poetry. It lasted an hour and a half”, – said Vasily Livanov.

Vasily Borisovich, of course, he entered and later graduated from College with honors. He was one of the five students immediately after exams, was invited to the theater. Vakhtangov. Livanov is now 82 years old and he is looking forward to the release of his new pictures on the screens. Actor and Director believes that the tape needed to the younger generation.

“Ten years ago I read somewhere that when entering the advanced directing course at the Leningrad asked who stands a monument on the Senate square, he replied Skobelev. I realized that something was wrong. And need to know who this statue is and what the history of its creation. And the story exciting,” said Vasily Livanov.