Alexander Serov accused the wife of infidelity, alcoholism and theft

Александр Серов обвинил жену в изменах, алкоголизме и воровстве The man also remembered about how she got off from her father with large sums of money, but would not communicate with the relative. Alexander Serov has been tough divorce with his wife, and that was seriously affecting his health.
Александр Серов обвинил жену в изменах, алкоголизме и воровстве

Alexander Serov was the guest of the program “the Secret to a million.” The man decided to speak plainly about the reasons for the divorce with his wife Elena and the problems in the relationship with the father. As it turned out, the head of the family threw the future of the singer after his birth. A relative paid child support, but never made contact. It really hurt the star of the stage.

“I remember in 1990, he came to one of my concerts. The crowd went crazy, I was at the peak of popularity. Of course, he was in shock. Then I backstage handed him ten thousand rubles. It was a kind of gratitude for alimony, and mercy. The money he took, but after that we did not communicate. When father died I was at his funeral,” said Serov.

Man does not like to talk about your difficult childhood. Mother of the singer had to work to raise the child on his feet. As a result, Alexander became one of the most popular artists in the country. He was always surrounded by many female fans, but the singer has not been able to find the perfect woman.

With a master of sports in acrobatic gymnastics Elena Stepanovoj they met by chance, the feelings flared up instantly. Alexander admits that fell in love with his wife after the first night spent together. In 1993, the couple became parents.

However, Serov sure that his wife never loved him truly. Moreover, the actor accused Elena of stealing and alcohol dependence.

“Ex-wife has changed, it is now difficult to know. It’s all because of bad habits. Honestly, she needs to stop abusing alcohol. She during the marriage giving me a drunken tantrums. Apparently, nothing has changed. One of the reasons for the divorce was the situation with the money. We have from the apartment then made 300 thousand dollars, but the robbery looked very suspicious. The robbers knew exactly where the safe,” said the man.
Александр Серов обвинил жену в изменах, алкоголизме и воровстве

He is convinced that the criminal situation was involved relatives of Helena. The money in the end was not found, as the perpetrators of the crime.

Communicating with leading Leroy Kudryavtseva, Serov remembered another bad situation. Wife sold an expensive watch, a gift from the artist, for 130 thousand dollars. The young woman took the money and bought a gorgeous car that greatly angered Alexander.

Now, the singer has no regrets about the divorce. He is sure that ex-wife cheated on him and never loved.

“Once stumbled upon a photo where she’s sitting in a short dress battened down, surrounded by two men. It happened that she stayed out all night. I called – she was rude. The last three years of marriage we lived in neighboring houses in the same area and almost no contact,” recalled Alexander.

Now the man tries not to dwell on his personal life. His main joy is the daughter of Michelle. It is, according to Serova, will feature the famous singer…

In the next edition of “the Secret” one million Lera Kudryavtseva promised to reveal more secrets popular artist.