Василиса Володина объяснила, почему сменила имя Astrologer succumbed to the fashionable trend. Vasilisa Volodina has admitted that customs officials have been surprised to see her passport details. However leading does not seek to change the documents.
Василиса Володина объяснила, почему сменила имя

Astrologer Vasilisa Volodina became popular thanks to the program “let’s get married”. She studied the birth dates of the heroes who wanted happiness in his personal life. Thanks to its councils men and women knew exactly who suits them more, and with whom their lives will be difficult.

Of course, the most Vasilisa helps astrology in everyday life. She remembered that in this profession, it was decided to use aliases. Succumbing to fashion, she changed her name. Now know her only as Victoria. However, while the expert does not seek to change the documents, but because it sometimes mishaps occur.

“Of course, much more people know me by my current name, that is my alias. I think its real and not passport data, which did not want to change. First asked the question: to change or not? But astrologically, according to your horoscope, considered the situation and realized: yet should not change. Then I just didn’t want the paperwork with the change of documents. And still of reason to regret this decision was not” – said the astrologer.
Василиса Володина объяснила, почему сменила имя

Volodin does not seek to disclose the name given to her at birth. It is recognized that only some possess this information. In the Network discussed three options – Oksana, Elena or Svetlana. Moreover, the documents indicate her maiden name Naumova, and Volodin she got from her husband.

Василиса Володина объяснила, почему сменила имя“I find it funny sometimes to see the puzzled eyes of the employee of customs at the airport looks at my passport, sees there is some name, and my face correlates with other name and surname. But customs officers – experienced people, they are many different saw. Even Bank employees know my passport details. But the situation is the difference between the name in the passport and the alias I don’t care,” said Vasilisa.

The astrologer said that he was not attempting to examine life and to make horoscopes your family and friends. It helps only in the case if the relatives themselves turn to her for advice.Volodina said in an interview with “World news” that her job could be almost endless, if you delve into the details even within the same horoscope. Vasilisa Volodina saved my daughter’s personal life