Мария Максакова заговорила о страшной карме The singer remembered the fate of the famous grandmother. Second husband of people’s artist of the Soviet Union Maria Maksakova was shot in July 1938. Widow of Denis Boronenkov believes that the repeated way of life of the famous relative.
Мария Максакова заговорила о страшной карме

In mid-April, Maria Maksakova debuted at the National Opera of Ukraine. The star played the role of Oksana in the Opera “Zaporozhets beyond the Danube”. Recently the actress gave an interview in which has told about preparation for the presentation and shared plans for the future. In may Maria is going to go on tour with pop singer Alex Moon. The first concert performers will be held in Odessa.

Now in full swing preparing for the upcoming tour. Have Maksakova takes a lot of hours in rehearsal, but for her, time flies.

“We meet with the screenwriter, write the program, make it so that the outline was interesting. We select the repertoire for me and Alex to make it fit into the scenario plan. I also engaged with the accompanist and prepare those parties who are going to sing,” shared the actress.
Мария Максакова заговорила о страшной карме

During the conversation with journalists the singer has noticed that in her youth she was often compared with my grandmother – the people’s artist of the USSR Maria Maksakova. “It is clear that I was lost,” recalls the star. According to the singer, famous cousin influenced her choice to become a singer. Maria added that repeated its destiny.

“First, call me as well. I’m a full namesake of the grandmother. And I, unfortunately, reiterated not only her successful creative life, but a tragic personal: her second husband, Yakov Davtyan, was shot when she was the same age as me when they killed my husband, Denis Boronenkov. I hope all the worst for its karma I’ve dealt with,” shared the celebrity.

Maksakova is trying to give a chance to aspiring musicians. The artist created a Fund to support gifted children. According to the results of casting Maria and her colleagues seized more than two dozen people with which to engage. The singer expects that patrons will go to the organization’s website and to choose whom to help from talented people.

“Each child has the opportunity to write about what he wants. For example, there is a need for a new tool, the trip to the competition, and so on. And he writes how much he already has money,” – said Maria in an interview LifeRead.media.

Recall that the husband of Opera singer Denis Boronenkov, was shot dead March 23, 2017 in the center of Kiev. In early may, the Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine intends to finish the investigation. It is planned that the murder of the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation will go to court this summer.