Варвара Караулова отправится в колонию Today, the capital has been declared the verdict a former MSU student, detained on the Turkish-Syrian border in June last year. Karaulov was charged with attempted participation in a terrorist organization. Barbara previously pleaded guilty.

      Варвара Караулова отправится в колонию

      On Thursday in Moscow announced the verdict to a former student of Moscow state University Barbara Karaulova. 21-year-old girl was accused of trying to join the terrorist organization “Islamic state”, whose activity in Russia is prohibited by law. Journalists reported that the Moscow district court found the attack on a guilty and sentenced to 4.5 years in a General regime colony.

      Varvara Karaulov dreamed of a wedding, and ended up in jail

      Earlier, the accused gave his last word. The girl said, he repented and wants to start a new life. Analyzing their status in the past year, Barbara came to the conclusion that the reason for her action was self-centeredness. Karaulov frankly told that too much fixated on their own problems and experiences, did not see anything around him. Barbara is extremely frustrating when it is referred to the suicide-bombers. She wanted to forget about everything that happened, and to benefit his native country.

      “I’m not a terrorist and never wanted it to be. Never wanted to hurt or harm other people. No one wanted to blow up, was not prepared for this, special training I don’t have any… it was All a big mistake, so I went back home myself voluntarily from Turkey… I really want to write the whole story in the past. Not to call me for the eyes shahidki and a terrorist. It sounds more offensive than just some insults. I realized their mistakes, their stupidity and seem to be already sufficiently punished for it. I just wanted to learn, to work, to help people, your family, ideally, their country, Russia,” said Karaulov.

      She also said that was looking for support from brand stranger who lied to her and otherwise humiliated. But Barbara suffered such treatment because he was experiencing feelings for him. She did not communicate with him as a member of the banned Russian groups.

      “The organization for me was something minor and unimportant. I absolutely agree that this love was sick and inadequate. In September, I realized that I need to deal with it and fight. I spent an analogy with alcoholism… I haven’t talked with him, and it all had to end. It is important for me that at that time there were no attacks. In Europe, certainly no events were not,” shared Barbara.

      Former student of Moscow state University also clarified its attitude to the activities of members, not the group. She believes the people who have nothing Holy. Karaulov said that terrorism and Islam are completely different things. “People who have a relationship to ISIS, those who are fighting there, crossed the moral Rubicon, to transcend themselves, through their values,” Barbara quoted the portal “Open Russia”.