Невеста Николая Баскова об ограблении: «Документы и телефон остались при мне» Sophie of Kalcheva became a victim of criminals. Fiancee Nikolai Baskov lost expensive bags and large sums of money. Now law enforcement agencies search for the perpetrators of the robbery.

      The other day lover Nikolai Baskov Sophie of Kalcheva became a victim of criminals. The beloved actor was driving the car and stopped to go to the store. Taking advantage of the absence of celebrities, unknown people broke the car window and pulled out a bag. Sophie was shocked by the incident. She couldn’t believe what happened. However, the artist is pleased that in addition to 55 thousand rubles, and personal belongings, the criminals did not steal anything of value.

      “Thank God, the bag did not have documents, – has shared with “StarHit” Sophie of Kalcheva. – They then would be very difficult to recover, especially in the new year turmoil. And my phone is also always in your pocket – so he stayed with me.”

      The cost of branded bags Kolcevoy is about 200 thousand rubles. Immediately after the incident, Sophie turned to law enforcement agencies, they tracked down criminals and understand the incident. The very beloved Nikolai Baskov hastened to insert a window in the car.

      As he told the “Golden voice of Russia”, with his chosen they live apart – he in the center of Moscow, and Sophie expressed a preference for a country house. The lovers are independent from each other in material terms. They are satisfied with the so-called “guest marriage.” However, Sophie admitted that sometimes she lacks attention from the artist.

      “Two days of waiting, when you arrive, and you tea with me to drink do not want tired. And again on tour. This your habit to swear – to stop talking and even the phone did not take. Wait, when cool. Me this, among other things, angry. After this become more and more afraid. But to put up you are able to. Sitting in the room, no one is allowed, evil. Come in, throw a bouquet of roses, a little scary to me as the kiss. There’s any will melt!” – told Kalcheva.

      Fiancee Nikolai Baskov happy that for two years they have strong feelings. Despite the fact that Sophie is jealous of the man to many fans, it was sympathetic to the increased attention from women. Beloved artist even lost some friends who were unable to suppress their envy the fact that Nikolai Baskov chose Kalcheva as a life partner.