Валерию Меладзе предсказали роман с молодой особой The psychic convinced that a relationship with a girl will be for the artist nothing more than a hobby. In 51-th anniversary of the artist, Mossan Norouzi looked into his future and warned of the possible dangers.

      Валерию Меладзе предсказали роман с молодой особой

      Today, June 23, singer, poet and composer Valery Meladze marks 51 years. At the hearing, three daughters from his first marriage: 25-year-old Inga, 17-year-old Sophia and 13-year-old Arina. Last year, he legalized relationship with the singer Albina Dzhanabaeva, and is now completely happy in marriage. The couple grows up two sons – 12-year-old Constantine and 2-year-old Luke. “StarHit” decided to find out what awaits celebrity in the future and will come true if his dream, which he recently announced.

      “Valery is a happy man. He likes the business he is engaged in, besides it brings a good steady income, ” explained the winner of the tenth season of “Battle of psychics” Mohsen Noroozi. I don’t see his future recession, the singer will still be full of energy and strength for performances on stage. Personal life he also brings him lots of pleasure. Last years was badly battered his psyche – life in two families tortured musician, but today, all throwing behind. Albina – perfect wife and mother, their sons grow in harmony and surrounded by love. The eldest son of Constantine focused, able to concentrate, developed, self-sufficient, and Luke is a future crowd favourite and ringleader”.

      Says the renowned psychic, not all in the artist’s life will go smoothly. After a few months, according to Noruzi, Valery risks involved young lady that may affect family well-being.

      “This winter, the family Meladze have a challenge: on the horizon appears a young girl who will excite the imagination and Valeria for a few months will deprive him of sleep, predicted clairvoyant. But to divorce this passion will not.”
      Валерию Меладзе предсказали роман с молодой особой

      Most recently, the artist openly declared that they would most like to his heirs from his first marriage to be able to take children born to Dzhanabaeva. Maltase dreams that you guys would be willing to spend time together and would be each other true friends. However, according to Mohsen, in the near future, this desire is not fulfilled. Ex-wife Meladze spoke about Albina Dzhanabaeva

      “Valery punished by fate for loving – explains the psychic. – His dream is to make friends with children from first and second marriages didn’t come true. Reunification is possible in a year or two – oddly enough, the first step is to make a daughter Inga, who herself will soon become a mother. Valery health line is clean and stable in the coming years, I do not see in his life problems.”

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