Василиса Володина спасла личную жизнь дочери Host of “let’s get married” and helped the heiress with the help of astrology. Vasilisa Volodina noticed that her oldest daughter began to withdraw into himself. The astrologer had to draw up a horoscope to assist the child in a difficult situation.

      Василиса Володина спасла личную жизнь дочери

      Vasilisa Volodina has for many years been one of the most popular astrologers in Russia. Customers stand in line to sign for her reception. Host of “let’s get married” gives advice for free, during the show, for example, or through their accounts in social networks. However, sometimes assistance is required and the closest members of the family of stars.

      Vasilisa Volodina reported serious illness

      Of course, the profession Vasilisa benefits for her family. Using Volodina astrology can unravel the knot of conflict or looming conflict. One such moment occurred recently. Help was in need eldest daughter Victoria leading.

      “The older child, daughter Victoria, a transitional age. You know, parents of teenagers are a special category of people whose lives are very difficult. Children 13 — 14 years don’t want to undress, and parental authority is not always enough to with the least experience out of this period. I am using astrological calculations found out when my daughter ends problem with composure, concentration. Believe me, if the parent knows that his child will stop rocking after six months, it’s worth it,” says Vasilisa.
      Василиса Володина спасла личную жизнь дочери

      After the astrologer noticed that her daughter kept to himself and did not want to share with parents their problems, she decided to help the girl. The sensitive mother’s heart prompted, what the problem is in sympathy with the boy. Volodin did the calculations and realized what was going on with Victoria.

      “I went to her room and sort through the situation, who like this boy what to do, how the story will develop, what role it plays girlfriend. The daughter was much easier, she at me looked square from surprise eyes. Already leaving the room, heard that she called a friend: “Light, my mother is a brilliant astrologer! She didn’t say anything, and she…” Then, apparently, went a retelling of my prediction,” admitted Volodina in an interview with “TV”.

      We will remind, in connection with intensive work and General fatigue Vasilisa felt this week malaise, which resulted in a serious illness. The leading villages of the voice, and nothing could help her. The star even asked for advice to fans. “Advice the next time to cancel and transfer at a later time, restore the throat. No matter how treated, but there is no help, nor figs in the milk or sage. The result is zero. Can only neorganichno to cipet. If someone knows a reliable and effective means of restoring voice to email directly here. Cognac does not offer”, – she wrote on the social network.

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