Катя Жужа наслаждается романтическим отдыхом с любимым The presenter spends time in the company of Oleg Vinnik. Kate Susan intriguing fans that periodically adds a photo with the chosen one, then deletes them. Less than a year, Oleg Vinnik lost his family in a plane crash.

      Катя Жужа наслаждается романтическим отдыхом с любимым

      Friend Ksenia Borodina Katya Zhuzha enjoy the holiday together with her partner Oleg Vinnik. A couple spends time together in Tallinn, reported by all his many fans. For photos of Kate just shines with happiness being in the arms of the man she loved. Along with the lovers went to a trip and daughter Kathy and Nicole.

      “Somewhere on the edge of the world”, – that these romantic phrases describes your pictures with Vinnik.

      Fans were glad for the TV and wished her a great time, relax and gain strength.

      Катя Жужа наслаждается романтическим отдыхом с любимым

      Kate Susan, apparently, has ceased to hide his relationship with Winnick from the public. About their romance began to speak a long time ago, but she deleted the pictures shortly after publication, leaving fans in disbelief. Less than a year as the beloved Katie of Zsuzsa lost his family in a terrible plane crash. His wife and two small children flew flight Sharm El-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, but never made it to the destination. Now, apparently, a widower found happiness, met a new love in the person of Katie Zsuzsa.

      Катя Жужа наслаждается романтическим отдыхом с любимым

      Besides the fact that Kate Susan suits his personal life, she is trying to build a career as a TV presenter. Not so long ago she started a program in which talks about the news of the project “Dom-2”. Some felt that for the transmission Susan received the patronage of his Poppi and has been the leading reality show Ksenia Borodina. However, Kate tried to justify and prove that these rumors have nothing to do with reality.

      “I do not doubt that it will be written, – said Katya. We are friends with Ksenia for ten years and, naturally, the first thought of ill-wishers, the well – known friend sends Juju! In addition to me for an audition came other Kusini friend, for example, Karina Petrosian Katia Zatsepina. I wonder why then Borodin didn’t jam all the rest?!”

      Susan claimed that she had to undergo audition and compete with other, equally worthy candidates. Kate with bated breath waiting for the result of the selection and was extremely glad that the right to transmit that it gets. And just now Ksenia Borodina helps her friend the ability to behave in front of cameras. Experienced TV presenter advises her to stay natural and not try to be someone similar.

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