Валерия Федорович: «Я совершенно  не конфликтный человек!»
The actress talked about filming the TV series “Eternal vacation”.

Валерия Федорович: «Я совершенно  не конфликтный человек!»

Valery Fedorovich and Konstantin Kryukov

Photo: press service of STS

Star of TV series “Kitchen” Valery Fedorovich, who played
the main role in the new series “Eternal vacation” which starts tonight at the CTC, said
7days.ru about
how she was getting used to the new way and what she had to decide for another
project. The heroine Valeria Sasha — a spoiled daughter of a millionaire, and cynical
daring. At the behest of the Pope she works on the ship as a maid.

— The audience most often will recognize you for the role of Katie Heath
STS “Kitchen”. In the new series “Eternal leave” your character Sasha is different from
daughter of the chef?

— Actually, they are quite different characters, two
opposites. Sasha by itself
an unusual girl. She is not trying to accept the reality, rather
trying to survive at all. If I am not conflict person, it is
supercomplexity. Sasha is easy to start, can yell at others, call them
bad words. In General, she is not like Katya.

— For the filming
you cut your hair and become blonde. You easy was such a big change?

— I wanted to be as less similar to Kate,
therefore gladly accepted the news about the change in appearance. I think it
it was necessary for Sasha.

Валерия Федорович: «Я совершенно  не конфликтный человек!»

Valery Fedorovich

Photo: Press service of STS

— The story project takes place at the European
the liner, so the whole crew went on a cruise. What cities are you

— During this time ashore we went out a couple of times. In
Rome we did almost all the sights: the Vatican, and
The Coliseum and other beautiful places. In General, you can conduct a tour through
our show (laughs).

— Your
the heroine and the scooter rode in the evening to Rome. What do you feel?

It was very cool and amazingly beautiful! What
could be more beautiful trip at sunset in this amazing city?

— While shooting the project you were in Italy?

Scene from the TV series “Eternal vacation”

Photo: Press service of STS

I saw Venice and Florence, was passing in
Rome. But, thanks to the TV series, I was able to get in touch more closely with Italy.
This is an unusual sensual country, the country of art, where many beautiful
super stylish women and men. In General Italians are very open and simple. And,
most importantly, I love blondes (laughs).

— Despite the tough shooting schedule, managed to find
time for Souvenirs?

— When we had a two hour stop at the Greek
Rhodes, I took a look around the shops and ended up in antique shops. It
there I noticed a small, beautiful candle holder.

— That is, almost all twenty days of the cruise
the crew spent on the liner?

— Yes, I have, thank God, was not sea-sick, but
the other guys had problems of this kind. Initially we were advised
to eat apples and crackers, if swayed. Many did so and were saved.

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