Экс-участница «ВИА Гры» станет ведущей «Ревизорро» Olga Romanovskaya will take over the inspection of places of public catering. Former member of the girl group went through a rigorous selection process applicants for the role of a new auditor. Now she will replace Helen Volatile.

      Экс-участница «ВИА Гры» станет ведущей «Ревизорро»

      For long time fans of the famous TV program “Revizorro” was wondering who will be the new host of the show. Despite the fact that many viewers fell in love fearless blonde Elena Volatile, this season the project will undergo some changes. For the right to become inspectors of places of public catering was claimed by many famous personalities. We now know that the place of the Fly Helen is a former member of the popular girl group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanov.

      Recall that burning brunette appeared in the team of producer Konstantin Meladze in 2006 and wore her maiden name Koryagina. A new member of the group presented on the concert of the TV project “star Factory”. The singer is very organically fit into the format of the group, but writing a couple of songs, said that leaves the stage. The reason was her pregnancy.

      After Olga left the “VIA gra”, she completely devoted herself to family, but also began to develop her solo career. And now the actress will take the role of the presenter of the TV project.

      I must say that the producers of the programme have recorded a video announcement of the new season of the program “Revizorro”. However, they try to hide the face of the new presenter of the show. Not so long ago the creators of the program stated that he would like to see in the role of the auditor the man. One of the main contenders was Nikita Dzhigurda.

      “We thought long and hard who could successfully fit into the project, making it even brighter and sharper, and not get lost behind the popularity of the format. Nikita Borisovich Dzhigurda could become the new star of the program, he has a great charisma, and it certainly will be afraid to beat the restaurateurs”, – told “StarHit” producer of the crew.

      Interestingly, sometimes the program skirmishes between crew and owners, in which there takes place check. Apparently, fragile brunette ready for such tests. It’s possible that the producers will insure the life of the presenter, as was done with Elena Flying.

      I must say that Olga Romanov had to go through a rigorous selection of candidates to host the new season. “Revizorro” offered, including, Nikita Dzhigurda, this is speaking about people public. In addition, the casting was attended by over a hundred other people,” – said the portal “7 days”.

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