Valery Nikolaev has publicly apologized for problems with the law

Валерий Николаев публично оправдался за проблемы с законом The controversial actor stated his own version of events. Valery Nikolaev does not agree with the accusations. The artist has expressed outrage at the aggressive actions of law enforcement bodies.

      Валерий Николаев публично оправдался за проблемы с законом

      The name of Valery Nikolaev does not descend from the first pages of scandalous chronicle. The distinguished actor has arranged a series of outrageous actions in public places in Moscow. One of them resulted in an accident involving a random passer-by woman, who fell under the wheels of the machine Valeria. In addition, the star of the series “Bourgeois’s birthday” rendered disobedience to the police.

      At the moment on the case of Nikolaev there is a consequence. The actor faces up to three years of imprisonment. Valery decided to present their version of the events that happened to him recently. Artist was in the Studio for the programme “live”.

      “We stop near the entrance of the theater “Nikitsky gate” – began to tell it. – If a person tries to regroup from the right, which somehow goes in the left lane, to stand up and understand what is happening. And at this time the mayor tries to shake, probably flies from the windshield with a stick. And and then, leaning on the hood, does it. If you stay in the left lane, we see that the number of employees of traffic police is only growing and has already reached nine people”.

      According to Nikolaev, the traffic police was put upon it strong pressure and tried to get out of the car. The actor did not want to do, because, as he says, he had all the documents.

      Meanwhile, a security camera captured, as Nicholas begins to leave law enforcement, endangering their lives. The footage police are trying to stop the car stars moving forward, despite the fact that they’re holding onto her hood. Star actually crushes of people.

      “If anyone was uncomfortable in this situation, please understand me: why do you need to hold on to the intake?” – commented on the action of the artist.

      Валерий Николаев публично оправдался за проблемы с законом

      A day before the incident with representatives of the traffic police who tried to catch Nikolaev, another event occurred that was the reason of activization of law enforcement bodies. Valery was involved in a road accident in which was shot down by a woman on the tram tracks. According to the ladies, she suffered serious injuries. However, Valery believed that she faked the fall.

      “I stopped at the beginning of this islet. The lady jumped on the hood. Then she was crawling. And exactly where there is stoecke, sat down on the chair and drinking coffee. I was offered to release the tracks, because my machine was exactly this, because the tram was moving,” commented on a scene the actor.

      Come to the Studio, the traffic police who detained the artist risking his life, told me that he was driving in the opposite lane. After they finally managed to stop the car, it turned out that he is wanted. Besides the star, they said, were not all documents on the car.

      “You want a demonstration of the process? It will be revealing. The statements they take are not going. I – too. On what facts outweigh what. What evidence would outweigh what. Because what is recognized as moderate and heavy on my skin, not even average from them. Further, if the concussion be avoided, when you knock out a tooth, which is covered with a protective layer of special composition, perhaps these people know something more about the interaction of the body with the body”, – concluded Valery Nikolaev.

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