Бывший муж Валерии издал о ней книгу
Valeria’s first husband was composer Leonid Yaroshevsky.

Бывший муж Валерии издал о ней книгу

He recently published the book “Valeria”. In Leonid said, as he began a career as a singer thanks to him that Valeria arrived in Moscow.

The composer participated in the filming of “live”. According to Yaroshevsky they skillfully manipulated.

“I became a “springboard” to her future, and she to me – this “jump” is very cleverly used,” is written in the book.

“First, young love… He liked me from the beginning. He was something else, seemed intelligent, experienced, knowledgeable. Of course, I was with him interesting. Its establishment is targeted to Orient me in regard to educational institutions where I went… This man from far away and is very good for me the past”, – said Valery on the attacks.

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